DOMINO SP.J. means familly company with big experience, where second generation is in charge. We working more than 30 years in construction industry. We believe that we can reach the highest customer expectations and give the best service.

Since 2002 we are among the leading manufacturers and distributors of handles, door fittings nad furniture components.

This has taught us to find creative solutions to non-standard situations, which is going to come in useful.

The main focus of our activities is on specialistic doors, which are our the most recent project. We cooperate with DoniMet because this way we receive the highest quality of our products, satisfaction of our employees and customers as well.

We permanently improve our operations and processes, never compromising on the customer satisfaction, quality of our products and our professionalism.

In 2005, we implement Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, in order to achive these objectives.

Domino Handel GmbH

Strehlener Str. 12-14

01069 Dresden


VAT-ID: DE296557062

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