Provide a comprehensive range of doors with different combinations of features we would like to offer you specialized fire doors.

General a fire doors are used as part of a passive fire protection system within buildings to prevent the spread of fire or smoke between separate sections. Fire doors are usually the only means of allowing people to pass through a fire.

Our doors characterized by fire resistance EI60 and high resistance to bulglary class C and class 4 and very high insulation factor Rw- 47 dB.
Doors that protect against fire are widely used both indoors and outdoors.
Install our fire resistant doors with complete confidence on safety. Ideal as a doors to the garages or boiler room connected to the living part of house.

All of the product versions below are engenerred pursuant to Polish Technical Aproval ITB number AT-15-8513/2010 shall be made in accordance with Building Research Institute.

Below we present example product from this category. In order to meet your requirements we present a wide range of modifications.
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1. Varnished by air – brush method in any optional RAL colour
2. Wood imitation veneer PVC
3. Lacquered MDF board 6 mm or 10 mm thick
4. Plywood panel covered with natural oak veneer 6 mm or 10 mm thick
1. Profiled frame 3mm thick (channel or angular) with EPDM rubber gasket
2. The door leaf coat steel sheet 1,5mm thick, door leaf without additional coatings 60 mm thick with EPDM seal on four edges
3. The door-leaf filled with mineral wool of density 100 kg/m3 and plasterboards
4. Four ball bearing hinges
5. Three security bolts
6. Central locking Class C
7. Two supportive locks
8. Door closer
9. Additional lock ( optional )
10. Access controler or electromegnetic lock (optional)
11. Door leaf mass -48 kg/m2 -without additional coasting

Door DC3.1 PP60 are engenerred pursuant to Polish Technical Aproval ITB number AT-15-8513/2015shall be made in accordance with Building Research Institute.

1. Fire resistance- EI60 according to PN- EN 13501-2+A1:2009
2. Burglary protection – Class C according to PN-90/B-92270
3. Burglary protection – Class 4 according to PN-ENV 1627:2006
4. Resistance to multiple opening and closing – Class 6 according to PN-EN 12400:2004
5. Wind-load resistance – Class 5C according to PN-EN 12210:2001
6. Corrosion resistance – Category C3 according to PN-EN ISO 12944-2: 2001
7. Water tightness – Class 3A according to PN-EN 12208:2001
8. Acoustic insulation – Rw= 47 dB according to PN-EN ISO 717-1: 1999
9. Heat permeability – 2,5 UW (W/m2xK) according to PN-EN ISO10077-1:2007
10. Air permeability – Class 4 according to PN-EN 12207:2001
11. Operational force – Class 2 according to PN-EN 12217:2005
12. Mechanical durability – Class 4 according to PN-EN 1192:2001

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